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Created in Italy. Perfected in Geneva.

Monday and Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday 12 Noon - 7pm

Thursday 12 Noon - 7pm
Friday and Saturday 12 Noon - 9pm
Sunday 12 Noon - 7pm

It’s not the easiest way to do things but it’s the right way. By making everything from scratch, our flavors are one of a kind and we carefully source every ingredient so we know exactly what’s going into our gelato/sorbetto.

We work with the best local dairy and never use artificial ingredients.

The gelato we serve was made onsite in our kitchen today.

Yes, we really make our gelato daily. Making our gelato fresh gives it a uniquely smooth texture and intensely pure flavor. No artificial ingredients and made with lots of love.

We make our gelato and sorbetto with lots of love. In other words,

we care.

504 Exchange St, Geneva, New York 14456

Everything is made from scratch, with no off the shelf mixes.

We love our jobs and it shows in everything we do.! We decided  to bring the best gelato and sorbetto to Geneva. We hope we have succeeded.

Working with local dairies means that we have the freshest milk and cream and we never use artificial ingredients.

Creating a 

one of a kind, unforgettable