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Created in Italy. Perfected in Geneva.

Sorbetto is a dessert that is made primarily of real fruit or fruit puree and is a palate refresher.

  • Made without dairy products

  • Fat free

  • Cholesterol free

  • Contains vitamins from real fruits

  • Can be made low sugar or sugar free


Gelato is the Italian word for frozen.

  • Made with fresh natural ingredients

  • No preservative, artificial flavorings

  • Made daily in small batches and consumed within days, not stored for months

  • Contains between 4-8% butterfat, where ice cream contains 10-24% butterfat

  • Has high density because it is churned slower than ice cream making it creamier with smoother texture.

  • It is served at 15°F warmer than ice cream thus it melts faster in your mouth and creates a better tasting experience.


Suggest a new flavor or flavor combination and we will try to accommodate your palate!!